Open Design Cape Town

During the Open Design Festival Cape Town 2016, pupils of the NGO organisation ‘Up for all’ explored for a week their neighbourhood Langa from different perspectives. The participants developed themes and concepts referring to the neighbourhood, based on social issues, personal experiences and its visual language.

Langa, literally meaning “sun” in Xhosa, is the oldest historically township in the Western Cape. Strategically located in the geographic center of Cape Town Municipality it has the potential to be a new heart for the post-apartheid city of Cape Town. The nonprofit organization ‘Brothers for All’ turns lives around by giving technology and entrepreneurship opportunities to the youth. It trains them to code and be empowered with the correct skills so that they can confidently and positively contribute to society.

A big thank you goes out to all who made it possible: Sune from Open Design Festival Cape Town, Sihle from ‘Up for all’ and of course to all the students participating. This project is made possible by the generous support from the Creative Industry Fund NL in the Netherlands. The social design workshop is an initiative from andrews:degen, a research-based graphic design agency, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


In the harbour neighbourhood Muide-Meulestede in Northern Ghent, 30 students with backgrounds in advertising, digital design, film and interior design from LUCA School of Arts Ghent and Brussels are submerged for one week in social design. They dived into topics such as mobility, refugees, solitude, poverty, interculturality,… During the first week of Spring they observe, interview, draw, photograph and design in the neighbourhood. The students work towards solutions for social challenges and ideate and prototype (im)possible answers.