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In cooperation with the Dakar based Designer Sandy Haessner we guided seventeen photography and design professionals in their visual research about Dakar for eight days. The city is the economical and political focal point of the country. It functions as a trading hub to the rest of the world. The city attracts a lot of fortune seekers from the rural areas. Extreme poor and rich people living close to each other in a dense urban and fast growing city. The project was kindly financially supported by the Goethe Institute and took place in their headquarters in the city center.


In the context of the upcoming European elections first year graphic design students from the HKU in Utrecht explored different kinds of topics concerning Europe. During this three-day seminar participants visualized their personal ideas and opinions about Europe. The European lifestyle, people, cultures, colors, languages, (in)visible borders, relationships and the history and future of a continent melting together are visualized in 461.5. The abstract title ’461.5’ representing the inhabitants of Europe.

7IS #1

Students from the graphic design department of the university ‘George Enescu’, in Iași, Romania, explored their city from different perspectives. This project was successfully organized three times together with Centrul Cultural German Iasi. Nearly one third of Iași’s inhabitants are students, making the city a breeding ground for a new academic generation. Iași is one of the largest cities and a municipality in Romania. Located in the Moldavia region, Iași has traditionally been one of the leading centers of Romanian social, cultural, academic and artistic life.


During an entire week students from the graphic design department of the Pedagocial University ‘I. CREANGǍ’ focused on Chișină. Students treated topics such as: Local goods, city street lightning, illegal housing extensions, garbage, public transport and examined the problematic fact that a lot of parents leave their children behind with their grandparents to work abroad. Chișină is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Moldova with an estimated population of 674,500.